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Botanical Cocktail Master Set

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Behold: the Botanical Cocktail Master Set, all five syrups from our Botanical Cocktail Collection in one easy-on-the-eyes package.

We’ll admit that we’re always pretty psyched about new syrups and pretty boxes, but this set is extra-special because all of the flavors in this collection — basil, lavender, hibiscus, mint, rosemary — were inspired by amazing cocktails we’ve had in bars and restaurants across the country. 

We took a booze cruise down memory lane (if we may mix metaphors just this one time), drawing inspiration from our favorite classics — the Bee’s Knees, Greyhound, Tom Collins, martini, and even the humble gin & tonic — and craft cocktails. You’ll see some of the recipes that inspired the collection on the pages of the booklet included with this set, but don’t stop there. Mix up, drink up, and enjoy.