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Jungle Pals Three Corner Card Game

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Ages 4 and up  ∙  2 to 4 players  ∙  15 minutes


Jungle Pals Card Game is a wildly FUN, roarin’ good time for kids and adults. The double-sided card deck features two different games for twice the challenges. Play with jumbo animal faces on one side and then pick up the pace with triple the faces on the other.

Kids and adults go bananas for Monkey in the Middle – it’s a luck-of-the-draw race! You’ll need to find a monkey card and surround it with three of any one animal pal before anyone else. It’ll take lots of luck and a little speed to guess which swaps to make and what discards to take. Choose wisely … if you monkey around too long, you just might miss your chance!

Ready for a new challenge? Animal Match card game puzzles players of all ages. Everyone builds from the same cards, but they don’t line up just any-which-way! Search your cards to find what-fits-where, but with three sides to check, it can bewilder any player. Every turn increases the chances for matches, so don’t plan your moves too soon. Feeling wild for winning? Block opponents’ spots or encourage them to play “a-head” when it might help you the most. Team up, compete, or join forces with cooperative play to match the whole deck.

63 two-sided game cards, plus easy-to-read instructions. Two games in one! Games play in 15 minutes. 2 to 4 players, ages 4 to adult. Made in USA.