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Bunker Bacon Bourbon Bbq Sauce™ - Rubs, Glaze, Texas, Gift

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Expertly crafted for the bourbon bacon barbecue lover. Enjoy the thick, rich, and delicious flavor of bacon and bourbon combined into one jar of BBQ sauce. Our Bunker Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce will surely add a layer of sweet, smokey, savory flavor that follows up with a bite of bourbon at the end. There is no doubt you’ll savor every bite of it. Perfect for grilling - add as a marinade or condiment for red meat or chicken. Recommended Uses; Beef, Pork, Chicken, and anything you overcook and need to hide the fact you can't cook. 16 oz Jar Veteran Owned - American | Texas Made - Small Batch. Halloween| Advent Calendar Christmas | Holiday Candy | Fall | Christmas | Gifts | Stocking Stuffers